Selsport Wrappa Phantom


Selsport Wrappa Phantom Roll Goalkeeper Glove has become a true classic with goalkeepers who want to take to the field with a no nonsense keepers glove.

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Selsport Wrappa Phantom Roll Goalkeeper Glove

Selsport Wrappa Phantom Roll Goalkeeper Glove, into a whole new level. Time and time again this glove brings a new level of comfort and grip to goalkeepers who take pride in wearing a classic goalkeeper glove. The glove is made of a inflex back hand which support when needed but also work in tandem with the hands natural movements. The pre-curved fingers means then the glove can cover more of the ball, delivering better grip when it is needed most. The wrist closure brings with its own level of security with Selsport’s customised 3-point locking bandage. In a instant it can be tailored for each goalkeepers preference, some thing which Selsport have worked hard to perfect.

Whats the History

Selsport Wrappa Phantom Roll Goalkeeper glove was first designed for keepers who have a no-nonsense attitude to goalkeeping. It spawned a host of imitators, the original white out glove came from goalkeeper brand Selsport. Since 1998 Selsport made goalkeeper gloves that lead generations of goalkeepers out on to football pitches around the world. Featuring on some of the biggest stages including World Cups, Champions League & English Premier League. Goalkeepers in the know see Selsport as the brand which have combined technology with style. Always maintaining true qualities needed as a goalkeeper which are grip and comfort. Since 1998 Selsport have done this time and time again for the goalkeeping fraternity.

Assurance of Selsport’s 3–point locking bandage. Added comfort of the roll finger cut and clean backhand lines, means the Phantom is perfect for the purist of goalkeepers. Goalkeepers perform to their best ability during times when the distractions are kept to a minimum. Selsport gloves are designed without constant adjustment as our experience has stood us in good stead since 1998.

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