Selsport Profile Negasi Negative Cut

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Selsport Profile Negasi Negative Cut goalkeeping glove is a glove built on the need for a goalkeepers glove to provide not only true grip grip, but exceptional comfort at the highest level.



Selsport Profile Negasi Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove

Selsport Profile Negasi Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove is part of the The Profile family of Selsport gloves. The sole focus for Selsport and the Profile family was on introducing experimental designs with the latest cutting edge technology. Breaking away from the proven formula the Profile glove will represent those goalkeepers who see themselves as pioneering leaders within the games most influential position not just followers in the crowd.

Pushing the boundaries of styling and goalkeeping engineering you will find multi-directional embossed backhand, vibrant colour-ways and
a selection of small but highly valuable attributes that make this selection of gloves provide unparalleled ability.

From finger tip to wrist closure ingenuity has been carved throughout the Negasi. To achieve greater ball control the palm features an extended bandage which gives more latex to ball contact, the wrist closure allows a true custom fit whilst the multi-directional latex palm flex with the hands natural movement, meaning a glove pack with innovation.

Negative Cut

The Negative Cut of goalkeeper gloves is one on the more comfortable options available to a goalkeeper. The seems on a negative cut have been stitched internally which gives a more snug fit for the goalkeepers fingers. This also in turn gives better handling options when griping the ball. The Selsport Profile Negative cut goalkeeper glove also houses an extended bandage, it is this added extra which can give security to the goalkeepers key wrist area. Selsport have also design a customised wrist strap which works in tandem with the gloves extended bandage to allow the goalkeeper to choose his or her individual custom fit at a moment notice.

Selsport the goalkeeper brand

To find out more about the exciting goalkeeper brand which is Selsport visit their website or follow them on twitter for the latest goalkeeper news and updates @selsport


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