Selsport Wrappa Classic Black V2 Goalkeeper Glove

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Selsport Wrappa Classic Black V2 Goalkeeper Glove is a glove which has been designed to keepers with a high level of comfort and grip.

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Selsport Wrappa Classic Black V2 Goalkeeper Glove

Selsport Wrappa Classic Black V2 is a glove which delivers on all fronts for the elite goalkeeper. Bringing a dark edge to the Wrappa Classic the Selsport Wrappa Classic Black has been designed to give some new to the goalkeeper. With a fresh all black backhand the Black V2 provides flexbility and movement to that hand with no restriction. Selsport introduces the Black Roll, with the favoured roll finger and the acclaimed Giga Grip latex the glove moves away from the traditional goalkeepers white glove.

Security is assured with Selsport’s 3-Point Locking System which has been designed to provide a more customised fit.

Selsport the brand

Selsport first started in 1998 when the Selsport Wrappa was born a glove which gave professional the essential requirements needed by any goalkeeper, those being comfort and grip. For nearly 20 years this has what every Selsport glove has had as a base requirement. By assuring Comfort and Grip were always present with their gloves Selsport has built a large fan base across the footballing world. With superstar goalkeeper using the brand as their goalkeeper glove of choice on the world’s biggest football stages. The Premier League, FA Cup Finals, Champions League and the World Cup have all seen Selsport be present, Why? As professional goalkeepers they must deliver having a absolute trust and confidence is of vital importance. Selsport has provided this time and time again, if you want a pair of goalkeeper gloves which provide Comfort, grip and innovation choose Selsport.

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Palm Full Super Soft
Backhand Black Latex Backhand
Wrist closure 3-point Locking System
Cut Roll Finger
Environments Dry-Cold-Wet-Extreme
Use Elite Pro – Level

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