Euro Wrap 05 Roll Finger

£40.00 £15.00



Selsport Eurowrap roll finger

The  Eurowrap range is one of the most successful in Selsport’s long history.

It makes its comeback with some super new features for this season, using the latest technology and materials.

This year there are three cuts (roll-finger, negative cut, and new euro-flat palm) covering six key price points.

The upgraded latex palm is another new addition to the range in every price point.

This excellent goalkeeper glove benefits from one of the best grip German latex available on the market today, our new  Super-Grip German latex palm.

You really do have to try this to see how good the grip is under all conditions.

This Selsport goalkeeper glove is outstanding at this price point and you will have to go some to find an equal quality glove at anywhere near this price.

At Selsport we pride ourselves in offering exceptional value for money and now with this super latex, you’ll find a glove you’ll be happy with.

Grip, comfort and innovation as standard.

Cut: Roll Finger cut

Palm: Exceptional Selsport Super-Grip German Latex

Backhand: Dura Grip Latex

Quality: Professional Level