Wrappa Classic 02 Roll Finger

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Selsport’s Wrappa Classic goalkeeper glove has always been the bench mark
to which other goalkeeper gloves are measured. The goalkeeper glove in itself
allows a goalkeeper to take to the football field with full confidence. In
goalkeeping there are certain times when this boils down to a reaction
or split second decision. Guaranteed with Selsport that since 1998
we have learnt what goalkeepers require, what works best and we deliver
that experience in all our goalkeeper gloves.



Selsport Wrappa Classic Goalkeeper Glove

A goalkeeper glove that has professionals in mind

The Selsport Wrappa Classic Goalkeeper glove is famous within goalkeeper circles.

No other glove quite combines the Wrappa Classic’s ability to offer such a level of grip and comfort.

Goalkeepers have commented that it is only when trying another goalkeeper glove do you dismiss it. Then return to the classic in warm appreciation. Everything with the Selsport Wrappa Classic works. Providing assurance when demanded time and time again.

The Selsport Wrappa Classic sets a standard to which others gloves are measured. No other goalkeeper gloves deliver with such a level of comfort, grip and certainty when taking to the field. The Palm has been constructed with Selsport’s Contact Grip level which is adaptable in all weather conditions at any level.

Palm: 4mm Contact Grip
Body: Lightweight Neoprene
Backhand: 3mm Impact Grooved Latex
Wrist Closure: 3point Tri Locking System
Cut: Roll finger
Environments: Dry – Cold – Wet – Extreme Conditions
Use: Elite Pro Level

About Selsport

Selsport the trusted name in goalkeeping for over a decade bring goalkeepers comfort, grip and innovation.

Selsport has as a goalkeeper brand enjoyed success since 1998. Since then we have built a name on delivering exceptional goalkeeper products, aimed at the elite to the professional goalkeeper.

If you need more assurance visit Selsport website for more about this exceptional goalkeeper brand.