Wrappa Classic 3 Flat Palm

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No other glove quite combines the Wrappa Classic’s ability to offer such a level of grip and comfort.

Many have commented that it is only when trying another glove that you dismiss it and return to the old friend in warm appreciation. This is because everything within the Wrappa Classic works and provides assurance as and when demanded.

Bringing new technology, but retaining the finer details that all goalkeepers have come to expect from the Wrappa Classic.

The Original is tailored for those at the top of their game. Combining a new light-weight backhand with an anatomically shaped roll finger cut both comfort and clever thinking give the professional goalkeeper every confidence when taking to the field.

Comfort and grip when you need it most…the Wrappa Classic Original.

Palm: Mega Grip

Backhand: Super low profile

Wrist closure: 3 point locking system

Cut: Flat Palm

Environments: Dry / Cold /Wet / Extreme

Use: Elite / Pro